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Product Features : - Range of Refractometers (ATC)

For Agri-food Applications :

Milwaukee refractometers work in ambient light with no battery or other power source necessary. They can be used in labs or in the field. Simply place a couple of drops of the sample on the prism and read the results immediately.

The refractometers have rubber coated hand grip and construction to insulate the test solution and avoid inaccuracy caused by the body heat of the user. All of our refractometers have Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC); when temperature of product sample varies from 68 °F (20°C), readings are automatically adjusted to compensate for temperature variance between 50°F to 86°F (10°C to 30°C). Easy to recalibrate with distilled water. Covered eye-piece and bright clearly defined scale, with large easy to read measurements. They are supplied in a hard carrying case instructions and screwdriver for calibration.

Calibration Method :

Lift up the daylight and put one or two drops of distilled water on the prism. Close the daylight, confirm that distilled water has spread over the entire prism surface.
Turn the bright direction and look at the scale through the eyepiece. If the boundary line doesn’t coincide with 0% turn the scale adjustment screw with a screwdriver until it does.

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